Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps 50th Episode Tonight

Hey internet. Tonight is our 50th installment of Crust Never Sleeps, which also happens to be our last show of 2011. Cosmic shit. Big thanks to anyone who has been tuning in for the last 50 episodes! And thanks to all the bands who have graced our studio with a live set and interview, or who have taken the time to stop hanging loose at a show and talked with us on tape for 15 minutes. Especially thanks to Zeke for doing sound.

Be sure to check the archives section for some actually exciting shit, and hear from some of the best punk bands that NYC and the rest of this great continent has to offer. You can check out a live set and/or interview with: Red Dawn II, The Men, Marvin Berry & The New Sound, Little Italy, Crazy Spirit, Gunfight!, Death First, Dipers, Davila 666*, Hunx and His Punx*, Occult Detective Club*, Burning Love*, Women In Prison*, Man Without Plan, Double Negative*, Mike Watt*, Coughing Fit, Drug Money, Thee Oh Sees*, Iron Lung*, Night Birds, Kira Roessler*, Marked Men*, Milk Music*, Brain Slug, Avon Ladies*, Omegas*, Vaaska*, Rational Animals*, Male Nurses*, and Giant Peach.
*just interview, no live set

Tonight we're playing some loud shit, so be sure to tune in and get heavy with CNS as we close out 2011. With maybe one exception this is the first time in about 6 months that we haven't aired an interview on the show. Less talk more rock!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 49 with Giant Peace live

Merry Brizmas everybody! Check last week's episode of Crust Never Sleeps right here. Featuring a live set and interview with GIANT PEACH, hailing from suburbs all over New York State. This shit is killer so don't pose on it. I know its a cop out to say but this band is actually pretty tough to describe. Def rock n roll, male-female vocals, grooving out. Good vibes all around, man. Dig.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Tuesday: Giant Peach live

Tune in tomorrow night. We've got GIANT PEACH doing a live set and interview. From all sorts of different New York suburbs. Awesome female fronted psych/rock/good times. This shit is so fucking for real there's a facebook event. Last live band of 2011?!?!?!  Be there. 10pm.

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 48 with Male Nurses interview (12/13/2011)

Check out last week's Crust Never Sleeps. Interview with Boston MA's MALE NURSES featuring Sully S. Sullivan on sing. 2011 is almost over, don't start posing now.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Tuesday: Male Nurses Interview

Hey all you Massholes out there, tune into tomorrow night's Crust Never Sleeps for an interview with Boston degenerates MALE NURSES. This show starts at 10pm and ends when you can stop buying beer in Boston. Is that enough time for a radio show? You be the judge. Come for the punk. Stay for the dick tricks.

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 47 with Rational Animals interview

Here is last week's Crust Never Sleeps. We've got an interview with upstate freaks RATIONAL ANIMALS. Just try not to take a dump in your garbage plate while listening to this one. Do you like the one hour format? Let us know. Let it be known. Tune in.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 46 / New Episode Tomorrow with Rational Animals Interview

Hey internet, kind of late post but here's last week's Crust Never Sleeps. Interview with the ripping VAASKA out of Austin Texas. Not to be sleeped. New episode tomorrow night (Tues 12/6/11) 10pm, interview with Rochester's ripping RATIONAL ANIMALS. The interview was conducted real late at night, nawwhatimsayin?