GCITW Fanzine/Soundzine

Greatest City In The World Fanzine Issue #1 
This is a fanzine based out of NYC about NYC. Interviews with Crazy Spirit, The Men, and Death First. Also includes an NYC venue report, food stuff, movie stuff, and Seinfeld stuff. 300 copies SOLD OUT. Read it online here.

Greatest City In The World Soundzine Issue #1
This is a soundzine (on cassette) where we travel to another great American city, Austin TX. Interviews with Double Negative, Omegas, Iron Lung, Women In Prison, and Vaaska. B side is a driving mix. 200 copies SOLD OUT. Listen to the A side here and the B side here.

Greatest City In The World Fanzine Issue #2
Split fanzine from Shit Sheet out of Denver and Greatest City In The World out of New York City. SS side has interviews with LEATHERFACE and NEGATIVE DEGREE, writing on HUSKER DU, and baseball stamps on limited copies. GCITW side has interviews with MILK MUSIC, NIGHT BIRDS, DOS (Mike Watt and Kira Roessler) and AVON LADIES and shit about dried beans, Seinfeld, and Occupy Wall Street. This split is fucking hotter than the transcontinental jenkem pit we were huffing while writing it. Don't pose. Shit Hawk Records and Electric Mayhem Records. 40 fucking pages, full size. 300 copies order here.