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Demo Tape on Eat The Life Records (100 copies)
sold out
Maximum Rock N Roll: "Don't be fooled by the name/mock logo, this band sounds nothing like WIPERS...maybe more like POISON IDEA with lyrics written by WEIRD AL... made me laugh but that's not saying much cause I still think Dumb and Dumber is funny. Was this inspired by the band CANINUS?"
Terminal Boredom: "I am a big fan of The Intelligence and the Boston Red Sox, which just makes me want to toss thing right out the window... Four songs of goofball sloppy punk about lighting farts, "Dog Mosh" and other dumb shit. The guy's got a good vocal growl and they have some riffs that work even if the whole thing is corny as hell. Musically it's decent hardcore-punk, aesthetically/lyrically it's just a string of bad jokes."  
Terminal Escape: "Raucous and feisty garage punks from New York City deliver four tunes that are as full of don't-give-a-fuck juice as they are with killer riffs and punk songwriting sensibilities... These songs don't care if you like them, but you nothing short of a fool if you don't recognize the casual genius contained in these seven minutes - it's like SOCKEYE took the time to write the great raw hardcore record we always knew they had in them, but without sacrificing any of their wit. Get ready for Dog Mosh."

Split Tape w/ Cancer (Albany NY mem. Acid Reflux, Coughing Fit, After The Fall) on Eat The Life Records (200 copies)
Eat The Life has copies
Terminal Escape: "Four posts in a row that barely (or don't) crack the ten minute mark, and the second from New York fukkn City. CANCER blaze through their four nameless USHC tracks in one four minute blur (and they are presented as one four minute track) - nothing fancy, no bullshit, but these songs will sneak up on you. They are pretty great at first listen (pay special notice to the sparse but necessary solos), and they become indispensable after subsequent jams. DIPERS are F.O.T.E. (Friends Of Terminal Escape), so an objective description is difficult, but suffice to say that their smart and raucous hardcore is just as awesome here as on the last tape I tried to shove down your throat.Eat The Life  does good work, and I endorse their behavior."

Split tape w/ Little Italy, SHR01 (30 copies). Both sides recorded live on Crust Never Sleeps on Newtown Radio. Sold out.

18 minutes of live/not live hardcore bliss. SHR05 (200 copies)
You can purchase from Shit Hawk