Monday, May 30, 2011

Going to Texass

see ya in a couple of weeks...

and if youre in Europe somewhere, go see Matty V playing bass w/ After The Fall

June 25 at Tommy's

Gonna be a FuCkN RaGeR!!! Just 5 bones!!! Fog machine included!!! RSVP on FB

Saturday June 25
Tommy's Tavern 8pm $5

CANCER - Albany Raw Punk x-Acid Reflux
LOOSE ENDS - New Brunswick Fast Punx
LONG PIGS - NYC Degenerates
DIPERS - NYC Serious Hardcore Punk

G to Greenpoint Ave. google maps, dawg

Afterparty at Daddys, 435 Graham btwn Richardson & Frost
Sean and Elsner from Pollution DJ Wipers / Rudimentary Peni Dance Party
You're Gonna Get Wet!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 28 (5/24/2011)

Stream or download here, dogs. A bunch of sweet new music from School Jerks, Nazi Dust, Honeysuck, Sickoids, Bad Banana, etc. etc. as well as a mixtape submitted by Daniel Stangl. We're going to Chaos In Tejas, so not back on the air until Tuesday June 14 (with a live set from Pollution!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Tonight

as always, Tuesday 10pm-midnight on Newtown Radio. Good times! Will be playing a mixtape from the one and only Dan Stangl as well

Fuck Technology

Fuck Technology Except the Internet
Fuck Technology Except for Me

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 27 (5/17/2011) ft. Occult Detective Club Interview

Sorry about the delay in getting this up, I left town the next morning without a chance to post. I am sure the anticipation has been killing you. This is last week's show, including a live phone interview with Occult Detective Club from Denton TX. Listen here or below

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Tonight

New episode of Crust Never Sleeps tonight. Will include a live interview with awesome Marked Men style punk band from Denton TX, Occult Detective Club. Tune in 10pm-midnight E.S.T. at Newtown Radio

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free NYC Dipers show tonight

Free show tonight! With our friends Little Italy and Imaginary Friends. free BBQ! karaoke after the bands! come hang outtttt

And if you wanted to grab a copy of our split tape w/ Little Italy, we are out but I think Little Italy should have some so there should be some at the show.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Dipers NYC show tomorrow

tues may 10th at Tommys Tavern - corner of Freeman and Manhattan in greenpoint
8pm - 5bux - All ages
NAPALM RAID - heavy crust from Nova Scotia. dont miss em!
DIPERS - punk weirdos from bk
CAULDRON - new thrash from 914 via philly.
RSVP on FB y'all

Come hang!!

Shakes Dipers Weekend in Photos

Hate the shakes

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Italy Dipers Split gone

We are sold out, but if u want a copy i'll bet Little Italy still has some. Also look out for a demo from Little Italy we are putting out in the not too distant future.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crust Never Sleeps Podcast: Volume 26 (5/3/2011)

You can download or stream last night's show here. Sick new jams from sick new bands. And we play 4 Murphy's Law songs!

Shakes Dipers Weekend CUM HANG

This weekend we are hitting the road with our friends The Shakes from Philly. Extreme debauchery and caffeinated Four Loko consumption is guaranteed to ensue. If you're in the area come hang out, good times! Slobs (mem. 0megas) just added to the Holyoke show BTW.

Friday May 6
New Haven CT at Popeye's Garage 7PM $5
w/ The Shakes, The Field Recordings
RSVP on FB y'all

Saturday May 7
Holyoke MA at ask a punk 7PM
w/ The Shakes, Slobs (mem. 0megas), One Happy King, Vacation
RSVP on FB y'all

Dipers Demo Review in Dead Possession Fanzine

Dipers has a review in the upcoming Dead Possession zine, Issue 2. You can get a copy here when it comes out.

Dipers – Demo tape

New hardcore band from Brooklyn, this is the first release on Eat the Life Records, the new label from the dude behind the awesome Frankenjew Records. The label described this as being like “early Descendents, but a little harder”, and I can totally agree with that. These four songs are goofy, with subjects of bed bugs, lighting your farts, a moshing dog, and having dirty shoes; but the shtick doesn't wear off quickly like it might for most “funny” bands, because while the lyrics are funny, Dipers have the tunes to back them up. Catchy stuff, great lyrics, and every song has its own unique sonic identity. I think the last song, Dirty Shoes, is the best, the drums thump and the bass grooves like no other. Get this if you're not afraid of lightening up.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Terminal Escape Reviewed the Dipers Demo

Got a review for our demo from our fav music blog Terminal Escape

We're sold out but Eat The Life may still have copies if interested. Or can download from this blog or Terminal Escape. Or both.

Raucous and feisty garage punks from New York City (and the name is pronounced "Die-Pers," just like the Portland band whose logo they are borrowing, but with a 'D' on the front end) deliver four tunes that are as full of don't-give-a-fuck juice as they are with killer riffs and punk songwriting sensibilities. After a couple of passively solicited cassettes received through the mail (passively in the sense that I didn't ask, and solicited in the sense that I always want more tapes) and enjoyed while drinking, I had the pleasure of meeting The Head Diper in Brooklyn at the OPT OUT show - he was appropriately awkward and properly enthusiastic and not even remotely cool (at least not intentionally)...which of course made him just about the coolest dude in the room. These songs don't care if you like them, but you nothing short of a fool if you don't recognize the casual genius contained in these seven minutes - it's like SOCKEYE took the time to write the great raw hardcore record we always knew they had in them, but without sacrificing any of their wit. Get ready for "Dog Mosh."