Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crust Never Sleeps Tonight

Tonight on Crust Never Sleeps we have guest DJ Adam of the great Katorga Works NYC record label and icoulddietomorrow, the most viewed post-9/11 hardcore punk mp3 blog. Spinning "good songs of 2011." Tastemakers in the house. 10pm eastern Tuesday 1/24/12

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crust Never Sleeps Tonight: CREEM

Tonight (Tuesday 1/17/11) at 10pm eastern, CREEM crew attacking the airwaves on Crust Never Sleeps. You know how people are always writing on the internet, like, hey man, this band is so fucking heavy, I moshed a hole in my bedroom wall last night? Believe the hype.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crust Never Sleeps Tuesday: All New York Show

Tomorrow night is the first 2012 episode of Crust Never Sleeps. We're gonna mark the occasion with an all New York show. Ya fuckin dig? So grab a slice, a bagel, an egg cream, a goddamn pastrami sandwich, and cozy up with your old man or lady for a celebration of all that is NEW YORK FUCKIN CITY PUNK ROCK. 

Please don't pose!
-Marty Hladik 2012

First GCITW/SS Split Review

Is New York the “Greatest City in the World?” The intuitive answer is no; it’s rat-infested, dirty, and overcrowded–mostly with miserable and/or crazy people. At the same time, it somehow manages to be one of the bourgiest cities on Earth, where food, rent, beer, and weed cost more than almost any other city on Earth. In spite (or perhaps as a result) of all this, New York remains the greatest city for one reason: not only did it invent punk, but it has remarkably remained its standard-bearer through decades of international reformulation.
Today’s punk scene, lead by the Raw and Bung punx, is thriving in a big way and it’s awesome to have zines like this one and New York Rules to keep tabs on what’s up in the city and beyond. GCITW, written primarily by a dude with the presumably spoonerist moniker Deed Runlea, features four band interviews, most notably with the DOs (Kira Roessler fromBlack Flag and Mike Watt from Minutemen) and Boston’s Night Birds, a cooking page on how to cook with dried beans, a Seinfeld fan fucktion, and an excellent op-ed on the editor’s love/hate relationship with Occupy Wall Street. Overall the zine has a voice and sense of humor all its own–definitely not ‘PC’ but honest and raw and packing the kind of punk snot one should expect from a zine whose cover is a chain-strapped boot preparing to stomp on the millionaire admins of the newly minted Brooklyn Nets.
Denver’s Shit Sheet is all written by Mike Kneally of Albany Hardcore fame. Most of the content is a lenghty review of the new Husker Du book and an even lengthier interview with Mike’s favorite band, Leatherface. The Du review, littered with personal anecdotes and stories about the band he was disappointed were absent from the text, was pretty entertaining although irritatingly formatted into thin strips of white-on-black text that were sometimes upside down or cut lenghtwise. Was this design choice a failed experiment or DIY gone mad? Either way, the Leatherface interview’s more standardized lay out was a graphic breath of fresh air, although it could have been edited to be far more concise. I also would have liked to hear more scene-reportage about Denver, even though it is no candidate for best city in the world.
You can get the zine online here for just $2. I’m sure they also sell it at Academy.
Also check out Deed’s record label Shit Hawk Punks and his excellent show on Newtown RadioCrust Never Sleeps.

Little Italy Download/Review on Terminal Escape

I must like that STARING PROBLEM tape a lot, because I keep referencing it. This time the nod comes not from another Midwest band but from some killer New Yorkers called LITTLE ITALY. Take those breathy female vocals and set them to raunchier and more feisty music...like our Carbondale heroes mixed with a punked out Jon Spencer. Whatever the nonsensical descriptors, the shit fukkn rules.

I think they might even be doing a new tape soon, or something. Runnin' down a dream.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Punk Show

Saturday night! Punks win!

OUTDATES - Husker Du punks from Western Mass

POTTY MOUTH - power pop girl superfriends from Western Mass

DIPPERS - Brooklyn serious hardcore punks

NUCLEAR SPRING - Brooklyn street punk posse

IN SCHOOL - Brooklyn girl punks i've never heard them yet!

+ zine release show for Greatest City In The World #2 / Shit Sheet #3 split fanzine, also available at http://shithawkpunks.bigcartel.com/

Saturday Jan 21 8PM $5
330 Melrose St Brooklyn NY
L to Morgan/Jefferon, M to Central

-Marty Hladik 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New: GCITW/SS Split Fanzine and Dippers Home Runs II CS

We've got a couple of new releases at Shit Hawk Records hot off the photocopier/duplicator. Available at http://shithawkpunks.bigcartel.com/ or at upcoming punk shows in NYC. Email DeedRunlea@gmail.com for wholesale or trades. Stay punk in 2012!

Greatest City In The World #2 / Shit Sheet #3 Split Fanzine (SHR006) 
Split fanzine from Shit Sheet out of Denver and Greatest City In The World out of New York City. SS side has interviews with LEATHERFACE and NEGATIVE DEGREE, writing on HUSKER DU, and touch nut stamps on limited copies. GCITW side has interviews with MILK MUSIC, NIGHT BIRDS, DOS (Mike Watt and Kira Roessler) and AVON LADIES and shit about dried beans, Seinfeld, and Occupy Wall Street. This split is fucking hotter than the transcontinental jenkem pit we were huffing while writing it. Don't pose. Shit Hawk Records and Electric Mayhem Records. 40 fucking pages, full size. 300 copies. $2

Dippers: Home Runs II CS (SHR005) 
Home Runs II is the fourth, count it, fourth cassette release from Brooklyn's Dippers (sometimes goes by Dipers). I play in this band so it's hard for me to describe, but it's straight up no bullshit hardcore punk rock touching on relevant subjects across the underground spectrum, from the manager of the New York Yankees getting Beaver Fever to harvesting that cheesy white stuff hiding under your foreskin. Ian Dickson once wrote "Band is good" on facebook. Marty Hladik said "Oh, you guys are playing at Tommy's tonight?" last Friday. Split release from Shit Hawk Records and Howard Novak Records. 10 tracks, 18 minutes. A side not live, B side live. 200 copies. $3