Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dipers Demo Review in Dead Possession Fanzine

Dipers has a review in the upcoming Dead Possession zine, Issue 2. You can get a copy here when it comes out.

Dipers – Demo tape

New hardcore band from Brooklyn, this is the first release on Eat the Life Records, the new label from the dude behind the awesome Frankenjew Records. The label described this as being like “early Descendents, but a little harder”, and I can totally agree with that. These four songs are goofy, with subjects of bed bugs, lighting your farts, a moshing dog, and having dirty shoes; but the shtick doesn't wear off quickly like it might for most “funny” bands, because while the lyrics are funny, Dipers have the tunes to back them up. Catchy stuff, great lyrics, and every song has its own unique sonic identity. I think the last song, Dirty Shoes, is the best, the drums thump and the bass grooves like no other. Get this if you're not afraid of lightening up.

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