Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Dippers Show Tonight

Thursday Nov 10 9pm FFRRRRREEEEE

--the first show of GEEK SKULL (formerly Rottweiler the Best) as a quartet

-- smash-face punk awesomeness of DIPERS


Brooklyn Fireproof is located at Brooklyn Fireproof, 119 Ingraham, Brooklyn, NY, 11237 off the Morgan L stop


  1. hi just finished listening to the split tape with Cancer and you guys sound great!!!!
    got a request for ya, since i live in france and since i'll certainly have to chance to see you live, i'd quite happy to have some live recordings to download!!
    and if you guys are real crazy, let's do it in flac instead of mp3.... :-p

  2. hey Vince glad u like it some day fairly soon i will get around to putting some live stuff up, we've got a new tape coming out soon that will have a couple of live tracks on it too