Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nude Beach WFMU Distort Jersey City

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(* = new, *** = special) 
ArtistTrackAlbumLabelCommentsNew / SpecialApprox. start time
GG Allin and The Jabbers Don't Talk To Me  Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be Orange 0:00:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Straightjacket Nation Cheap Kicks  Cheap Kicks 7" Short Fuse 0:02:15 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Subclinix Exterminate Myself  demo 0:03:02 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Urban Blight More Reality  More Reality Slasher 0:04:21 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Career Suicide Delusional  City Limits: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal High Anxiety/ No Idea 0:05:10 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Poison Idea Cult Band  Pick Your King EP Fatal Erection 0:06:41 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers American Girl  Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Shelter 0:07:24 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Slavescene Anxious Muscles  Demo II Cult Maternal 0:10:35 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Lebenden Toten Nuclear Flowers  Nuclear Flowers EP Wicked Witch Records 0:12:23 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Kromosom Wasted Life  demo 0:13:56 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nomad Akume  Nomad 7" Toxic State/ Katorga Works 0:15:09 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Perdition Wrath  7" Toxic State 0:16:35 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads Fever Breaks  Hank Wood & The Hammerheads Toxic State 0:18:46 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Hell-o-Hill Four (A-lines)  Hell-o-Hill Chickpea *  0:20:18 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Sewn Leather With a Drill  Sikknastafari Slash Crasstafari Hundebiss *  0:21:37 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
Ethiopiques: Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 Vol. 1 Buda Musique 1:31:28 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
FNU Ronnies Cut To Ribbons  Load *  0:37:46 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Black Lips Hippie. Hippie, Hoorah Los Valientes del Munro Nuevo Vice 0:40:05 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
King Tuff Was Dead  Freak When I'm Dead The Colonel Records 0:42:53 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Slices Still Cruising --> Trying to Make a Living  Still Cruising Iron Lung *  0:45:55 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Double Negative Beg To a Vile Nude  Daydreamnation Sorry STate 0:49:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Hjertestop Vi Ses i Helvede  Vi Ses i Helvede No Way 0:51:17 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nuclear Family Useless  Nuclear Family 0:53:55 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Southside Stranglers Daddy's Worst Nightmare  Strangle You b/w Daddy's WOrst Nightmare Fashionable Idiots 0:56:07 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Uv Race Nazicistic  Homo In The Red 0:58:58 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Ty Segall It's a Problem  Feeling of Love / Ty Segall split 7" Pemanent Records *  1:03:21 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Mole House Coming Back + Coming Over  Hey Come My Way EP Quemada 1:07:32 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
Ethiopiques: Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 Vol. 1 Buda Musique 1:11:57 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nude Beach But Ya Know, Loser In The Game, Ridin' Easy, Keep It Cool, Cathedral Echoes, Hit (By a Hurricane), STory of a Man, Free Again (Alex Chilton)  Live on Distort Jersey City WFMU Brooklyn pop punk rock n roll party heroes NUDE BEACH blast out a ripping set for your aural pleasure. Like if you mixed THE JAM, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and TOM PETTY, but made them a punk band headlining shows every other week at Death By Audio. Members of CHAIN WALLET, GUADALUPE, RELIGIOUS KNIVES, PRETTY WILD, THE FISH, PUNKS ON MARS, and too many other bands. This is a not to be missed set for the die-hards and nubes alike, drawing heavily on their brand new album Nude Beach II out on Nude Beach Records, and we get to catch the band right after 11 days in the USA and Canada with THE MEN. This band is the soundtrack to the last Saturday night of the end of the world (January 15, 2012 if you're keeping track). Where will you be partying? ***  1:24:22 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nude Beach Interview  Live on Distort Jersey City WFMU some tough decisions here. I edited out sections on boneless vs. regular wings and Terrence Nelson. one love ***  1:42:27 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Thunder Road  Hammersmith Odeon London '75 Columbia 1:52:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Shonen Knife Beat On The Brat  Osaka Ramones: A Tribute to the Ramones Damnably *  1:57:34 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
Ethiopiques: Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 Vol. 1 Buda Musique 1:59:59 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Raw Nerve Nervous Habits  Midnight Youth Attack 2:12:51 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Human Mess Aftertaste  Follow You Home No Way 2:14:51 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Natural Law Nail That Sticks Up  Find The Flock Katorga Works 2:16:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Libyans Welcome To The Neighborhood  Welcome To The Neighborhood 7" Shock To The System 2:17:47 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Bad Religion We're Only Gonna Die  How Could Hell Be Any Worse? Epitaph 2:19:54 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Pete Seeger Solidarity Forever  If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle Smithsonian Folkways 2:22:11 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Loose Grip Maccy D's  Cereal 7" Bedroom Suck *  2:25:10 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Räjäyttäjät Rajayttajat Rajayttaa! Rajayttajat Rajayttaa! EP Bad Vugum *  2:27:35 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Paint Fumes Egyptian Rats  Egyptian Rats 7" Slovenly *  2:30:22 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Shrapnelles My Mom Is Hot  Asscalibur EP HoZac *  2:32:55 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
No Statik No Hospice  No Hospice 7" Prank Records *  2:34:24 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
American Cheeseburger Cheeseburger  American Cheeseburger 7" Tsunami 2:39:45 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Confines Downward Harmonization  Withdrawn EP Labor of Love/ Side Two 2:40:18 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Red Cross Kill Someone You Hate 1979-1982 *  2:42:30 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
2:42:46 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Yvette Cold Sweat  Erosion b/w Cold Sweat God Mode *  2:43:16 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Dead People Feel The Light  Dead People EP Windian Records *  2:46:01 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
Ethiopiques: Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 Vol. 1 Buda Musique 2:47:36 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Grimes Oblivion  Visions 4AD *  2:53:52 (MP3 |Pop‑up )

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