Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIPERS TOUR June 14-24

Thurs June 14 Brooklyn @ 538 Johnson w/ Wild Child, Goosebumps, TBA

Fri June 15 Philly @ Cloud City w/ Scum Again, Attitude Era, The Pussy Dogs

Sat June 16 Pittsburgh @ Cobra Cobana w/ Hosoi Bros, Icon Gallery, Drug Lust

Sun June 17 Columbus @ Carabar w/ Drug Lust, Shaver

Mon June 18 Chicago at a house in Chinatown w/ Culo or Birth Deformities, Pukeoid, Narrow Mind or Poor Choice

Tues June 19 Cleveland @ The 71st Door w/ Akkolyte, Lucha Eterna, Leech Bed, Bad Noids, Drunk Cop

Wed June 20 Buffalo or Rochester or Syracuse? HELP?

Thurs June 21 Albany @ Valentine's w/ Cancer, Monster Movie,
Girls of Porn

Fri June 22 WMass @ Flywheel w/ Neutron Rats, Limbs Bin

Sat June 23 Boston w/ the Male Nurses crew

Sun June 24 New Brunswick @ ask a punk w/ Secret Police, Nation on Fire, Stiff Neck

Updates, cancellations, TBAs, and car accidents forthcoming... check back here or somewhere else on the internet or real life

Bring all of your fireworks and bring us swimming before and/or after the show in your town. NYC 2012 concrete jungle where dreams r made of. Young hearts be free 2night. Cum on baby light our fire.

We will have a new record with us called SHIT HOUSE on Eat The Life Records.


need an address or want to book us on june 20? deedrunlea at gmail dot com

Free Max Wolff

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