Thursday, July 5, 2012

Casanovas In Heat live on WFMU

belting it out

Casanovas in Heat + Nick


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ArtistTrackAlbumLabelCommentsNewApprox. start time
Elton John Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting  Greatest Hits 1970-2002 Mercury   0:00:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Total Control Carpet Rash  Henge Beat Iron Lung   0:03:06 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Merchandise Time  Children of Desire Katorga Works   0:09:35 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
DEVO Freedom of Choice  Freedom of Choice Warner Bros.   0:15:04 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
T.S.O.L. American Zone  Change Today? Enigma Records   0:18:59 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)  Hammersmith Odeon, London '75 Columbia Records   0:21:43 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Neil Young & Crazy Horse This Land Is Your Land  Americana Reprise   0:28:48 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
John Williams 
 Return of the Jedi RCA Victor   0:34:04 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
SS Decontrol War Threat  The Kids Will Have Their Say Xclaim! / Dischord   0:41:45 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Fourteen or Fight Godless America  Repos Split EP Gloom   0:42:40 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Bad Choice Angry Americans  City Limits: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal High Anxiety   0:44:02 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Urban Blight Social Order  Total War 7" Static Shock   0:45:20 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Charles Bronson Telecom U.S.A.  Complete Discocrappy Youth Attack   0:47:21 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Siege Cold War  Drop Dead Off The Disk   0:47:49 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Gang Green Kill A Commie  This Is Boston, Not L.A. Modern Method Records   0:49:09 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Male Nurses Red White & Blue  Male Nurses 7" Deranged   0:50:15 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nuclear Family Class War (The Dils cover)  demo    0:51:46 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Bad Religion American Dream  How Could Hell Be Any Worse? Epitaph   0:53:52 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers American Girl  Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Shelter   0:55:23 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
James Brown Living In America  Living In America Scotti Bros. Records   0:59:01 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Germs American Leather  (GI) Slash   1:02:56 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nuclear Spring War Ridden World  demo Hysteria Records   1:04:03 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
MDC Born To Die  Millions of Dead Cops R Radical Records   1:06:22 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Phil Ochs Here's To The State of Richard Nixon  Chords of Fame A&M Records   1:08:15 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
John Williams 
 Return of the Jedi RCA Victor   1:11:24 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Casanovas In Heat 2nd Wind, Future Ex-Girlfriends, Break The Ice, Izmir Stinger, Calling Bluffs, Whipped, Wet Dreams, Jodi Boy, Ruins, Hot Steel and Acid (Nervous Eaters cover) Live on Distort Jersey City WFMU  Casanovas in Heat from Boston MA sound like if you were in the 8th grade and wanted to start a really catchy and upbeat punk band because you were listening to everything on early 90's Epitaph, and then you were in your early 20's and actually did start that band. Members of Boston powerhouses Male Nurses, Subclinix, and probably a bunch of others. I've mostly heard people compare them to The Replacements, which I can see a little bit. Their demo tape is fantastic and they have an upcoming EP on Deranged Records. Tune in for the great jams, stay for the Dorchester accents.  1:17:35 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Bruce Springsteen Born In The U.S.A.  Born In The U.S.A. Columbia Records   1:42:56 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Cro-Mags Don't Tread On Me  Age of Quarrel Rock Hotel Records   1:47:22 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
7 Seconds The Crew  The Crew Better Youth Organization   1:49:35 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Social Circkle USSA  Static Eyes EP No Way   1:49:53 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Mother Night The Heartbeat of America  Lifestyle/Deathstyle Off the Books   1:52:02 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
John Williams 
 Return of the Jedi RCA Victor   1:54:52 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Crazy Spirit Train  Crazy Spirit 12" Toxic State   2:09:28 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Brown Sugar I Wanna Be a Somali Pirate ...Sings of Birds and Racism Feeble Minds/ Feral Kid   2:11:05 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
The Wipers Youth of America  Youth of America 12" Park Avenue Records   2:13:20 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Minutemen No!No!No! To Dreaft and War (Sambia cover)/ Joe McCarthy's Ghost  Ballot Result SST   2:23:32 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Grand Funk Railroad We're An American Band  We're An American Band Capitol Records   2:26:27 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
The Traditional Fools Davey Crockett  The Traditional Fools Wizard Mountain / Make a Mess   2:30:04 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
American Sun American Sun  American Sun 7"    2:33:24 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Dead Kennedys When Ya Get Drafted  Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Alternative Tentacles   2:36:15 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Harvey Milk U.S. Force  The Pleaser Relapse   2:37:21 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Call of the Wild The Call  The Call b/w Tightrope Jkshk   2:41:18 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Billy Currington Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer Enjoy Yourself who knows   2:47:03 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Simon & Garfunkel America  Bookends Columbia Records   2:48:22 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
John Williams 
 Return of the Jedi RCA Victor   2:54:58 (MP3 |Pop‑up )

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