Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last night's DJC

Last night's show including Cali X live set/interview
LISTEN HERE!  (w/ indexed playlist)
California X live set/interview, exclusive tracks from Shoxx and Acid Problem, and fresh jamz from The Clean, Zulus, Whatever Brains, Joint Damage, Ylajali, Dekoder, Crabapple, King Dude, Heavy Cream, CREEM, Sad Boys, etc.

playlist after the jump
(* = new, *** = special) 
ArtistTrackAlbumLabelCommentsNew / SpecialApprox. start time
GG Allin and The Jabbers Don't Talk To Me  Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be Orange   0:00:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
X The Once Over Twice  Wild Gift Slash   0:01:43 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Neon Piss Look Homeward Angel  demo    0:04:25 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Sad Boys Hate Sex  demo    0:06:27 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Subclinix Exterminate Myself  demo    0:07:38 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Neo Cons Hardcore Elite  Hardcire Elite b/w Kill The Police Abscess   0:09:01 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Loose Ends Until Now  Cut Loose 7"    0:10:53 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Destino Final Donde Estan? Atrapados La Vida Es Un Mus   0:13:07 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
No Class Tired Bored Angry Violent No Class Deranged   0:14:32 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Shoxx Dark Cylinder demo  forthcoming  0:15:36 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Shoxx Sludge Seed demo  NYC on top  0:17:14 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Acid Problem Slow Control Acid Problem EP  forthcoming. band used to be called Passive Aggressor  0:19:31 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Xyx Simulador  Teatro Negro Monofonus Press   0:21:14 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Yi Host Body  Host Body EP    0:23:58 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Shaved Women Circles  Shaved Women Ektro   0:27:04 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Tupratikon's Degenerate  Paxta-Core: Underground Uzbekistan (V/A) Tian An Men   0:30:48 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
The Dicks The Police (Force)  These People Alternative Tentacles   0:33:33 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
 Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul The Numero Group   0:35:59 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
The Clean Odditty  Oddities Five Four-O   0:52:13 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Nude Beach Walkin' Down My Street  II Nude Beach Records   0:53:54 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Zulus Surgery  Surgery 7" Lemon Session   0:56:57 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Whatever Brains Drink The Salt  Whatever Brains Sorry State   0:58:53 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Joint Damage Poison II  Strike Gently Sorry State   1:00:29 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Brain F≠ Sleep Rough Sleep Rough Grave Mistake/ Sorry State   1:03:25 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Hammering the Cramps Seahorse Song  Hammering the Cramps Wormwood Grasshopper   1:06:42 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
CREEM Lucid  CREEM 12" Katorga Works/ Deranged   1:10:51 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
 Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul The Numero Group   1:12:22 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
California X Curse of the Knightmare; Hothed; Pond Rot; Mummy; Sucker  Live on Distort Jersey City WFMU  This week we get a visit from California X hailing from Western Massachusetts. With a single out and a 12 inch on the way, we get a taste of a fresh as hell rock and roll band that I'm sure we are only going to keep hearing. Cali X play fuzzed out, crunchy guitar rock with super catchy riffs and vocals. They kind of sound like if Milk Music lived on the east coast and never played hacky sack, ever. Tune in for five tracks of excellent punk rock coming out of one of the coolest spots in America for true underground music. ***  1:17:19 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
California X Interview  Live on Distort Jersey City WFMU   ***  1:36:44 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
 Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul The Numero Group   1:55:09 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Goosebumps Street Scarred  demo    2:06:00 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
I.V. Eyes They Saved Teri's Tube  Schiller Killers/ I.V. Eyes 7" Rubber Vomit   2:07:36 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Generacion Suicida Parasitas  demo    2:09:47 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Weird Korea Cheep Thrills Weird Korea/ Spook Houses Split CS    2:11:51 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Ylajali Oh Lord, Dear God, Ylajali  4 Songs    2:14:49 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Dekoder Hate Song  Deno    2:16:19 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Siamese Twings We Fall Apart Demo    2:19:30 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Crabapple George  Demo    2:22:48 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Roky Erickson I Have Always Been Here Before  Gremlins Have Pictures Demon Records   2:24:36 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
King Dude You Can Break My Heart  Dungeon Doo-Wop Dais also from the forthcoming LP Burning Daylight  2:27:51 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Heavy Cream The Jam  Super Treatment Infinity Cat Recordings   2:31:14 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
The Stooges Down On The Street  Eastbound & Down Fat Possum   2:34:16 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Power Take Off Plow Share  A Butcher's Waltz split Learning Curve split w/ Seawhores, Power Take Off, Skoal Kodiak, and Gay Witch Abortion  2:38:01 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Cleaners From Venus Swinging London  Blow Away Your Troubles et al. Captured Tracks   2:47:56 (MP3 |Pop‑up )
Music behind DJ:
 Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul The Numero Group   2:51:31 (MP3 |Pop‑up )

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