Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DJC WFMU Playlist/ Archive

new tracks from Hank Wood, California X, Far Out Fangtooth, Wiccans, Timmy's Organism, No Funeral, Hoax, Violent Future, Ugly Parts, Chain Wallet, Thee Nodes, Call of the Wild, K-Holes, Estrogen Highs, The Intelligence, Foster Care, Superchunk etc. + a mixtape titled "Reed's Scary As Shit Shithole WFMU Maxi Tape of Toilet-Time Inducing Terror" submitted by Elijah from Columbus OH

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(* = new) 
GG Allin and The Jabbers Don't Talk To Me  Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be Orange   
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads It's Murder  Go Home LP Toxic State   
Deformity Black Out  demo    
California X Sucker  Sucker b/w Mummy The Sound of Sweet Nothing   
Milk Music I've Got a Weird Feeling Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's Show, July 5 2011    
Far Out Fangtooth Thorns  The Thorns EP Hozac   
Holograms ABC City  ABC City 7" Captured Tracks   
Wiccans Telepathy  Field II (forthcoming) Katorga Works   
Girls of Porn Achieving Nancy Reagan  Girls of Porn / Dadfag split 7"    
Timmy's Organism Cats on the Moon  Raw Sewage Roq In The Red   
Music behind DJ:
 Afritanga: The Sound of Afrocolombia Trikont   
No Funeral Masters Wish No Funeral / Helig Tod split 7" Wands   
Salvation House of the Beating Hell  House of the Beating Hell EP Youth Attack   
Hoax Discipline  3rd EP Painkiller Records   
9 Shocks Terror Mobile Terror Unit  Mobile Terror Unit EP Havoc   
Void Who Are You?  Faith/Void split Dischord   
BAZUKA Supertouch [Bad Brains]     
Minor Threat 12XU  Complete Discography Dischord   
Avon Ladies Quality Programming Guns & Gold 7" Katorga Works   
Violent Future Violent Future  demo    
Ugly Parts W.P.O.S.  Taste EP    
Chain Wallet M.F.S.  Warthog Demo    
Misled Youth Burnt Out  Demo 2011    
The Rival Mob Mind Over Matter  Hardcore For Hardcore EP Six Feet Under   
Double Negative Cunny Hop  Hardcore Confusion Vol. 1 Sorry State   
Secret Police You Make Me Sick  Secret Police 7" Rest Assured Records / Crapoulet   
Thee Nodes Stage Dive  Stage Dive Baby C'mon!!! 5-Track EP    
G. Green Sounds Famous  Funny Insurance EP 12XU   
Call Of The Wild Tightrope  The Call b/w Tightrope Jkshk   
K-Holes Child  Dismania Hardly Art   
Music behind DJ:
 Afritanga: The Sound of Afrocolombia Trikont   
Estrogen Highs Daily Catastrophes Cycles 12" EP Safety Meeting   
The Intelligence Lake of Dracula  (They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy 7" In The Red   
Sopors Let's Mammalian  Golden Era Mondo Bongo   
Foster Care Bad Vibe City Bad Vibe City Jack Shack   
Ruined Fortune Bulls Eye  Bulls Eye 7" R.I.P. Society   
Muerte En Pereira 44.000 Parabrisas  Muerte En Pereira Socorrecords   
Jean-Louis Costes Evil is the Best Way to Good  Plays Marquis de Sade Justine Bolt   
Superchunk This Summer This Summer 7" Merge   
Music behind DJ:
 Afritanga: The Sound of Afrocolombia Trikont   
Various Side A  Reed's Scary As Shit Shithole WFMU Maxi Tape of Toilet-Time Inducing Terror  Samhain- Misery Tomb (Excerpt); S.H.I.T.- Feeding Time; Ramones- Baby, I Love You; Deef- Nouten; Speil- Free Now To Roam; Crazy Spirit- Train; Viper- Gluttony; Removoor- Toilet Love; Dawn of Humans- Blurst of the Cope Coppers; George Jones- Bubbles in my Beer; Russian Tsarlag- Walk Through It  
Various  Side B  Reed's Scary As Shit Shithole WFMU Maxi Tape of Toilet-Time Inducing Terror  United Mutation- Lice and Flies; Terveetkadet- Vapaa Pohjola; Brain Slug- Red Circle; Cleaners From Venus- Night Starvation; Mecht Mensch- Zombie; Zatsuon No More (Undead); Ildjarn- Strength and Anger IV; Donna Fargo- Funny Face; Violent Future- Goon Life; Kuro- Human Gas; Grateful Dead- Ripple  
Music behind DJ:
 Afritanga: The Sound of Afrocolombia Trikont   

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